While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks - book cover

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While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks - book cover

While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks [eBook] is a lavishly illustrated journey into the world of shepherds—shepherds of the biblical world and the spiritual shepherds of the church. equips Christians to think biblically about leadership. Resources relevant for 21st century leaders must begin with Scripture's ancient wisdom, anchored in everyday images. God calls "shepherds" not only to lead in the church, but also in educational, business, political, military, and family settings. This resilient biblical image reveals a robust and comprehensive view of biblical leadership that challenges us to self-sacrificial compassion, vigilant protection, and visionary guidance.

Journey into the world of Middle Eastern shepherds to learn about biblical leadership. Contact if you'd like to know when we're finished producing a video teaching series to supplement the award winning book, While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks.

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